Ghana Sunday

October 24th

Save the Date! Sunday, October 24th during the 10 am worship, we will be celebrating our covenantal relationship with Kpenoe (pronounced, penway) Ghana. During the service, hear Rev. Jim Christensen, our Pastor in 2008 when we made our mission covenant and founder of Amenyo, talk about our relationship with Kpenoe and how we are living out our covenant with the village.


... "Here, abroad, and in a special way with the people of Kpenoe, Ghana, we commit ourselves to the ministries of preaching the good news, binding up the brokenhearted, freeing the captives and proclaiming the year of the Lord's favor" from FCCW Mission Covenant


Adopted by the Church Council and ratified by the congregation of the First Congregational Church, Wolfeboro in worship during the 2008 visit of Prosper and Angelica Attakey.

After worship order a Ghanaian fabric bag to be made specifically for you by our own Batik Boutique. Orders will be fulfilled by Christmas. A selection of completed bags will also be available for purchase.


Proceeds from bag sales go directly into the Scholarship Program. 100% of all scholarship monies raised through Amenyo go directly into student scholarships.

Candle in Hands

All Saints Day

October 31st

Sunday, October 31st we will be celebrating All Saints Day. Please let send in names of loved ones (family or friends) who have died from January 2020 to the present. Names can be sent to either the church office or written on a card offered at church and placed in the offering plate.


In addition, we are asking for births of children and grandchildren during the same time frame.


Candles will represent the loved ones we have lost and roses to represent new life.

Daily Devotional 1.png

Daily Devotionals

"These Days" 3 month daily devotionals are available for October, November, and December 2021.


You can stop by the church and pick one up in the back of the sanctuary or have us send you one. 

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Wolfeboro Reads

October 19 & 26

4:00-5:15 pm (Zoom)

A story of girlhood friendships, Why Don't We Just...? by our own Patty Mac Hewitt is a look backward to a decade that began over sixty years ago.


Janet Ruth and I were born towards the end of World War II. We tip-toed through the Korean War, came of age during the Eisenhower years, participated in the beginnings of school integration, sowed seeds of a lifetime friendship through girlhood antics, and were both married with a child by the end of that decade.


In those ten years, as unmarried women, we missed Title IX, birth control pills, the Sexual-Revolution, the Civil Rights movement, the Women's Movement, legalized abortion, and drugs, (well, we did try diet pills). We adopted our parent's generation faster than what was to follow us. With no organized girls' sports and a lot of energy, ideas and freedom to wander, Janet Ruth and I, along with other friends, got busy creating the adventures and misadventures of these stories. We were privileged not so much with the wealth of means, but with the wealth of belonging, and built a lifetime of memories together. As Janet Ruth once wrote me,


"We were our childhoods. I cannot remember mine without recalling yours."


Please join Pastor Bill Petersen (ASEC), Pastor Donna Muise (FCCW), and author Patty Mac Hewitt as we gather via Zoom on Tuesday, October 19 and 26th from 4:00-5:15 pm for reflection and discussion. Join Zoom Meeting by CLICKING HERE


Meeting ID: 982 3048 8609,

Passcode: 012281,

or by phone at: (929) 205-6099, Meeting ID: 982 3048 8609.


Altar Flowers

We are looking for chancel flowers to decorate our sanctuary on Sunday mornings. You may give it in memory of a loved one or to celebrate a special event. Take the arrangement home or have a deacon deliver it to someone and brighten their day. (We are particularly looking for November - December)


If you are interested in donating flowers, a plant or artwork one Sunday, please contact Wendy Monbouquette at She will provide you with the details.


Part-time Sexton

Help Wanted

First Congregational Church Wolfeboro is looking for a part-time church Sexton. Duties include care and maintenance of church building and grounds. Oversee general cleanliness, monthly maintenance of building systems, restocking inventory of supplies,  assisting in setup for church activities or functions, and providing handyman chores for small repairs. Outside work involves cleaning outside doors, clearing sidewalks for safe passage and trash removal. Regular cleaning, lawn care and snowplowing are not required. Among other skills, candidates must be reliable, responsible and self-motivated, exhibit attention to detail, be able to climb stairs and ladders, lift or carry 50 pounds and have knowledge of basic tool use. Paid at an hourly rate. For a more detailed job description or to express interest, email or call 603-569-1555. 

Neighbors in Need

October 17th

During the month of October and in church on October 17th, FCCW will be collecting for Neighbors In Need. This special mission offering "Unfailing Love” is being collected for the nation's homeless. 


Half of all persons experiencing homelessness are in five states. Locally, Hope House offers short term emergency housing to 7 families providing food, shelter and education. We encourage you to rise up and raise your voice in support of permanent housing for women, men and non-binary persons.


"This is my commandment, that you love one another as I have loved you"- John 15: 12.


You can bring your check to church or send it in the mail with Neighbors in Need in the memo line.