Pastoral Transition

Rev. Donna Muise , October 8, 2021

On October 3rd in worship we entered into covenant with Rev. Donna and are now poised to take on this important journey. The first step is the establishment of a Transition Team (TT).  The Transition Team works closely with the Interim Pastor to plan and guide a process that will bring about needed changes and prepare the congregation for its new future. Certainly, this is the result for which we are all hoping!


There are several vital purposes for commissioning a transition team to guide this process to deliver a successful outcome:

  • To assist the members of the congregation in the church’s healing after the loss of their pastor and to gain perspective on the chapter in their communal life that has ended;

  • To gather the feelings and ideas of both members and friends of the congregation about their church in a time of change;

  • To provide a forum for the sharing and focusing of hopes and aspirations for the future;

  • To help the congregation move from preoccupation with the past to a state of readiness for a new chapter in its life under the leadership of a new pastor;

  • To involve the congregation in accomplishing the developmental tasks of the interim period.


The overall goal is to bring the church to a condition of health, unity and readiness. Effective lines of communication between the TT and the congregation is crucial.  I will be encouraging communication among all of us on a regular basis! It is essential that we achieve the widest possible ownership of ideas and decisions regarding the future of FCCW.

*Most of the comments here are adapted from the book Temporary Shepherds: A Congregational Handbook for Interim Ministry.