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Wolfeboro Congregational Church
Wolfeboro Congregational Church

As early as 1792, there were loosely organized church groups meeting in Wolfeboro. Around that time, the Rev. Allen was hired to establish a congregational church in town. By 1834, the Pickering family had gathered twelve like-minded citizens in their home to formally begin what we now know as the First Congregational Church of Wolfeboro, United Church of Christ (UCC).  In 1847, a newly constructed church building was dedicated on the grounds of Brewster Academy, and finally, in 1912, the congregation broke ground for a new church building. It served for just over a hundred years as a place for worship and ministry for us. In 1991, the congregation dedicated an education wing with classrooms, a library and chapel that we continue to enjoy today.


After discovering that the 100 year old church building was not structurally stable, the congregation went through a significant period of discernment and study beginning in 2010. Working with a talented sacred architect, and a team of other construction professionals, the congregation made the decision to demolish the yellow brick building and to design and build a new one. 


The current sanctuary and office building was designed with an eye for radical hospitality, efficiency, flexibility and sustainability for current and future generations of the congregation and community. We generously raised the funds necessary for such an endeavor, relied on solid ecumenical and community relationships to weather the displacement years during the transition, and finally reopened and dedicated the new space in 2014. 


We have settled into our new space, but we continue to dream and plan what might be possible as faith community together, seeing our facility as gift and assist in our ministering. After all, the work of the church is never done! 


Our chancel is designed to be a blank canvas for the art of worship-- a framework with intentional nods to tradition and what was, that invites us into the future of the beautiful not yet. We have hosted art exhibits, and seasonal liturgical accouterments, concerts, lectures and educational programs as well as the expected life-events in a faith community of baptism, wedding, funeral, weekly worship, and occasional special worship services.


From its inception, our church community has served as a beacon of warmth and welcome for residents and visitors alike. We covenant together to worship and pray, learn and teach, serve and support in order to manifest God’s love in the world, with Jesus Christ as our example, and the Holy Spirit as our guide.

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